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warrior princess wario says: "eat your greens, do a crime, hug your friends & lovers";

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can a computer game make you cry? we at warrior-princess-wario cry everyday because games are still a thing and have not been completely destroyed. therefore we are working towards that goal. so please open your orifices and your wallets and join us in holy matrimony (eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft). your Sonic & Knuckles Adventure DX (Preorder Edition)


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Cursed List of Jungle Tilesets as Narrated by Werner Herzog
Cursed List of Jungle Tilesets as Narrated by Werner Herzog.
How colonialism, art and videogame tilesets are linked.
Written for List Jam, 2021.

The Eurojank Manifesto
The Eurojank Manifesto.
You have been invited to a new kind of games festival.
Something is brewing in our leaky bodies. Something that has been filling the bone grinders for a long, long time.
Written for Speculation Jam, 2020.

13.5 Glorious Trainwrecks at Indiecade Europe 2019
Performance-lecture and tea ceremony. An excursion into 'trash' as aesthetic-politic reality in videogames.
Performed at the IndieCade Europe festival in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, 2019.

Tickel my computertois
A games exhibition about sensual, queer &or intimate play.
Practicing kinkiness in human*machine-relationships.
Co-curated together with Christoph Schnerr and Julián Palacios, 2017.

Less Adorno More Play
Playful, interactive and spatial artworks.
Exhibition curated and organised in cooperation with the Kasseler Kunstverein, 2017.

Three-day altgame festival: Exhibitions, Workshops, Lectures, Gamejam and more.
Co-produced as part of the tinypalace collective, 2015 - 2016.



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a bunch of tarot cards and a raspberry pi with text overlay it that reads: 'oh yes please SLIME me my mistress' cute frog performance orchestra sprite art, one of the frogs plays on a keyboard the hierophant of devastated spaces titlescreen image of Horse at the Hearth: SMUT a hacked nintendo 3ds xl displaying the Rpg maker game Pferd am Herd two haybails in a shopping cart in front of a brutalist building tears over a campfire a white t-shirt with monochrome print that reads 'self aware animorph cars' with a cute hottie half-transformed into a car above it a group of people sitting in a workshop. their faces are blurred over. on the wall there are two large projections with twine-projects in the making A gif from the Pokémon trading card game for gameboy: 'Soon I will move to a new place, but I'm not sad. I will find new friends that will play the pokemon trading card game with me...'

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